Show Always On Display while charging on Galaxy phones

It is easily possible to show the Always On Display on Galaxy phones while charging through such option in Settings, but then you lose the ability to show it when tapping the display. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make it show up both ways.

So it’s done through setting up a Bixby routine.


  1. Go to Settings, Advanced features, Bixby routines

  2. Tap Add routine

  3. Pick Charging status for the If option

  4. Here you can pick whether you want it shown on wireless or wired charging or both

  5. Pick Always On Display as Then option

  6. Pick Show Always or check out other settings if you wish

  7. Leave the rest at defautls and tap Next

  8. Name your routine and pick an icon and tap Done

Now your Always On Display should show up always when charging. It makes for a really beautiful clock. I am a bit worried about burn-in, but it’s designed cleverly enough to move a few pixels every now and then. Still, this could be considered a bit wasteful for those radically eco-friendly among us, but I love how it looks.

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