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BitMover's closed-source product, BitKeeper, was used for source control for the #Linux kernel. Larry McVoy, CEO of BitMover, was upset because someone tried to figure out how BitKeeper worked and McVoy pulled the BitKeeper licenses from Linux developers.

Needing distributed source control, Linus Torvalds created #git in a couple of months.

BitMover is gone and BitKeeper is now open-source, gathering dust.

In a git repository.

While building my new site in #11ty, which is a new tool for me, I wonder if it’s time for me to learn #Git and #versioncontrol as well.

I notice that I over and over again make a backup copy of a Nunjucks partial or my eleventy.config.js before trying something (that more often than not breaks some things). And sometimes I lose track on where I’m in my dev process.

Would I benefit from version control? Any relevant tutorials to share?