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Using Gentoo is like walking on glass. Even Arch feels rock solid compared to this madness...

My testing of the iPhone concluded that I cannot switch from Android. Nextcloud app's auto uploads don't work reliably (or at all), still no quick toggle for flashlight and Reminders app sucks, despite having a widget available on iOS 17. Surprisingly one of my most favorite features is Siri.

Can't sleep. This hasn't happened to me for years. Why could it be?

So I was enabling some new Windows Security settings in Windows 11. What could go wrong, right? One of them was Microsoft Defender System Guard and it apparently disables S3 sleep mode. It took me half a day to troubleshoot as there's lack of any info on it. I even thought that sleep mode was disabled because of Hyper-V or WSL2, but I've had that for ages. Lots of misleading info everywhere, sadly.

Got my Nostr key :) npub1plantr00np53nr092ekx46jqvr3v46d6d3nt46fkecq0z9eskqvqx66llh

This is what a GTX 1080 Ti sounds like when 2 instances of different key mining software are running on it. I suggest using headphones to hear it. GPU hard at work :)

For a few months I've been ignoring errors on the disk sdb (the one where liberty_cryptb is located). Now the situation got worse:

plantroon@liberty:~$ sudo zpool status
  pool: liberty_crypt
 state: ONLINE
status: One or more devices has experienced an unrecoverable error.  An
        attempt was made to correct the error.  Applications are unaffected.
action: Determine if the device needs to be replaced, and clear the errors
        using 'zpool clear' or replace the device with 'zpool replace'.
  scan: scrub repaired 0B in 00:26:56 with 0 errors on Sun Jun 11 00:50:58 2023

        NAME                STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM
        liberty_crypt       ONLINE       0     0     0
          mirror-0          ONLINE       0     0     0
            liberty_crypta  ONLINE       1     2     0
            liberty_cryptb  ONLINE       0    10     0

errors: No known data errors

SMART data for both disks shows no errors whatsoever, even after running tests. The error is most likely related to SATA link going down, which can be attributed to the fact that the disk sdb is in my Thinkpad's ultrabay adapter. I should probably stop messing around with laptop as a server, especially if it can't support 2 disks by default? IDK what the best solution is here, I don't have anywhere to move my stuff to.

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Probably fixed by setting link_power_management_policy to max_performance for these disks.

More info in this issue:

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Just had some terrible time when trying out a GPG keyserver (from mailvelope) I just deployed. From any machine and user I could easily access it, send keys to it and search for users. Except for my main workstation and my primary user on it. No amount of reloading gpg agent helped until I did `systemctl --user restart gpg-agent`. Weird...
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As part of streamlining which apps I use daily I recently threw out the Gmail app and only use K9 Mail for everything now: LVM on LUKS on RAID. That is my (and many other's) favorite setup. I used this on my libvirt-based workstation: and manual setup on my libreboot laptop, where I didn't even need the boot partition. Very happy to see it in Debian installer!

I publish my random opinionated thoughts here. I used to write them down in Notes app, and a calendar before that, but I want to share in case somebody finds them interesting. And anything bigger is a blog article for

I was never really into social networks (and related apps) so I thought I dodged the doomscrolling phenomenon... until I started counting my time on Youtube, which is basically a social network.

On top of that, I have RSS feeds sent to my mailbox. Last week I created a separate folder for them and turned off notifications for this folder. It helped tremendously! I still read them, but in bigger batches which does in the long run free up time. Before I used to glimpse at the news all the time which obviously wasn't healthy and hampered my productivity.

I wanted to look at some old stuff on forums and found level1techs forums link instead. So while the original is no more, level1techs saved this piece of tinkerer's history and knowledge:

I wanted a Thinkpad T470s to remember its keyboard backlight state across sleep cycles (and reboots). As ridiculous as it may be, this cannot be done through 1st party Lenovo utilities. So the next best thing were some github projects that aim to resolve this, the easiest one to use being lbcservice: - easy to install and will keep the backlight on. No remembering of last state though ;(

Gitea actions work great. I use them to deploy my blog, including fetching markdown content and images from my Nextcloud. And of course to build containers. One less vendor lock-in feature from Github. Yay! @Gitea

I was trying to figure out what type of résumé I should send to companies if they need it in pdf form. I looked at various generators, mostly the locally-run ones like resume-cli, but they aren't really satisfactory. I guess I won't do any harm if I use Europass as before?

I've been trying to get on XMPP while having it integrated into Matrix. Looks like I found a solution. Blog article coming soon. is the handle of course

Why would anyone buy Raspberry Pi for self-hosting? Seriously though, if all you want to use it for is hosting services like Nextcloud and pihole just buy/use an old laptop - it is going to be better in every way including the price. Even for Home Assistant it's great if you want to integrate bluetooth devices - laptops can do this too.

Here's a thought:
The recent proliferation of AI could in some way help better understand what is human consciousness in either of these ways:
- by being able to replicate it, though a lot more than just neural networks and BCI is needed for this
- by simply accelerating research on the topic
It's just one of the things I think about a lot.

The big migration

So I finally have the desired Fediverse setup. Here's the changes that I did:
- moved Friendica from to
- restored all the posts I could from that ran on Pleroma
- imported contacts
- recompressed photos from my feed
- on matrix side, I cancelled any reference to domain

The best thing is that I can still have my blog at So no losses at all. One of possible scenarios was moving the blog to subdomain while having Friendica at the root domain.

Here is a go at iGPU passthrough with Windows 11 guest - it will work once I reboot the host, but this is GPU art.

So I just wasted 6 hours trying to get macOS in KVM to run on an iGPU. I am writing this here to remind myself that it doesn't work because q35 machine type is required for macOS with passthrough, however iGPU passthrough requires i440fx machine type. This is for legacy passthrough where macOS would be on the laptop's screen itself. And new iGPUs don't support this afaik. Oh what could have been...

I am still unable to find a well-behaved Nextcloud Bookmarks app for Android
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So it was just Samsung's battery saving feature causing me frustration. All is fine after excluding Nextcloud Bookmarks app, yay!

Self-hosting a mail server is hard. Harder than self-hosting anything else

(Of course, something broke again)

This is when I actually got on the Fediverse

I used Pleroma. What continues are some of my posts that I managed to recover from backups...

The beginning

Sometime in the following few hours I am born. Way before the Fediverse even existed.