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Google thinks they are above the law and can buy their way out. They argued that the jury(common man) are not capable of understanding complex monopoly cases. #privacy #google #fediverse #linux #justice #news #TechNews #technology

just found @orhun git website, browsable via ssh. how freaking cool is that, i'd love to browse the web like this, simple and distraction free 🤩

i am wondering how this is made ?

#linux #ssh

I've updated my tutorial on how to monitor #ECC memory on #Linux to include information about the kernel_lockdown LSM, and how to make it work when it's enabled.

Long story short, you can still monitor corrected & uncorrected memory errors with kernel lock-down enabled, but only using integrity mode. rasdaemon is incompatible with kernel lock-down confidentiality mode, as it deliberately hides kernel information from userspace applications.

This is great but can we please also have Fedora (& Ubuntu, etc.) acknowledge they started shipping operating systems without a functional screen reader when they switched to Wayland and that that’s still the case?

This is not to name and shame. Unless we acknowledge this as an error on par with shipping without monitor support and unless the culture is altered to make accessibility a showstopper, it’ll happen again.

#Fedora #GAAD #Accessibility #A11y #Linux #OpenSource

@Viss I wish articles like this would include, up front, the indicators of compromise that I can use to test if the servers I manage are affected. It's the first and most important thing I want to know when learning about a vulnerability.

#linux #vulnerability #InfoSec #security #journalism

The Arch Linux Ports #RFC has been accepted and released!

#ArchLinux #Linux

Well life wasn't hard enough so I decided to daily drive #gentoo with #openrc and #hyprland. Let's see how it goes over the next two weeks